Pictured from left to right: Jo Hough, Director of Organisational Development at SARH, Karen Armitage, Chief Executive at SARH and Lisa McCaulder, Managing Director at Caldiston Ltd

I was thrilled and proud to celebrate my client SARH (Stafford and Rural Homes) winning the RoSPA President’s Award in June.

This prestigious award couldn’t be more deserved and recognises a decade of commitment to improving health and safety. The RoSPA Awards are internationally renowned and highly-respected across the health and safety industry.

I am especially proud to have played my part by supporting SARH to enhance and improve their excellent health and safety work. As the largest landlord in Stafford with about 6,000 homes, many across rural villages, the work is always varied, interesting and challenging.

So congratulations to SARH and well done for all the hard work you have put in behind the scenes over the years to get where you are today. You deserve all the success and recognition you get.

I’ll leave you with some extracts from a poem by Karen Armitage, SARH’s Chief Executive, which I feel sums up our working dynamic. (Karen wrote the poem when nominating me for my RoSPA Guardian Angel Award).

In the housing world now more than ever, prevention in Health and Safety is owned by us all. That real quality knowledge and application join together to help reduce hazards, slips, trips or fall….

…There is lots of little stories to tell about Lisa and her love of wine, dogs and little sporty cars. But Lisa works hard to make more accessible a world of knowledge embedded in Health and Safety Tzars. With fun, a laugh and a challenge Lisa can often turn a real crisis into calm. And ensuring we are all working together to prevent and reduce risk of accident or harm.”

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