Stafford And Rural Homes

Stafford and Rural Homes have demonstrated real commitment to well embedded health and safety practices reflected in their having won 8 consecutive RoSPA Gold Awards already by 2016

Initially the service was delivered entirely in house’. When the existing Health and safety officer moved to other private sector employment, SARH thought how can we ‘do more’, be more aware, more safe , more health and safety conscious.

Lisa McCaulder was recommended to SARH who immediately felt confidence and credibility were present and the challenge could be met. 

Lisa worked with SARH to coach and develop line managers and support a period of restructure in the business. In 2017, SARH won a 9th Gold and the RoSPA Astor Trophy recognising excellence in occupational safety and health. In 2018 they have won a 10th consecutive RoSPA Gold Award and received the coveted RoSPA President’s Award.

SARH nominated Lisa McCaulder for a RoSPA Guardian Angel Award in recognition of the support provided by Lisa through her consultancy Caldiston. And she is the 2018 Guardian Angel winner