The Regulator is Focused on Safety – and you should be too!

October is an important month for us at Caldiston, and our clients. The Regulator of Social Housing  publishes its annual Sector Risk Profile in October, giving us invaluable insight into their key areas of focus. This document will shape the advice we give, and helps our clients prepare for In-Depth Assessments (IDAs).

This latest report is the seventh in a list of Sector Risk Profiles going back to 2012. There is no doubt that health and safety has always been on the agenda of these profiles, and included in the consumer standard. But when reading the 2018 report, it was obvious to me that the level of focus has changed dramatically. Safety is now top of the agenda, and it should be top of yours.

Looking back over the previous profiles, where safety was only mentioned fleetingly, if at all, the contrast with the latest profile is hard to ignore. An entire section of this report is devoted to health and safety, with the detail covering 17 points over two pages. The point is explicit – Registered Housing Providers (RPs) must demonstrate they understand their responsibilities and know how to keep their tenants safe.

The link between health and safety and governance and G ratings is unequivocally clear. RPs need to prove that they are meeting the standards, or come under scrutiny.

Of course, none of this should come as a surprise to the sector. The Grenfell tragedy and numerous high-profile rating downgrades for safety failings have put health and safety under the microscope.

So if you’re preparing for an IDA,  you can be sure the RSH will be looking hard at health and safety. You’ll need to prove you know your responsibilities and your risks. And know you can always turn to us for help and advice if you need it.