That’s right I’m afraid, another reason to think about Brexit. We know that health and safety is at the top of any housing provider’s priority list so it’s worth thinking about the impact that Brexit may have on us – and on our customers.

The Regulator of Social Housing sent a warning letter to registered providers last week setting out what is expected from them in the event of a no-deal Brexit. We understand this may have caused alarm and anxiety for some, but we’ve been considering these issues for some time.

The three safety critical areas you need to be thinking about are:

  • Labour
  • Parts and components
  • Compliance data

Is it possible you, or contractors providing vital services, could see labour shortages? Will this affect responsive repairs? Will your access to parts and components for vital appliances, like boilers or lifts, be disrupted in the event of a no deal Brexit? It’s worth considering having parts that commonly fail at this time of year to hand.

And will you still have access to important compliance data? Some providers store this data in the EU so RPs need to check what impact, if any, Brexit may have on licences and access to data.

Have you checked with suppliers and support services to see what provision they have made to make sure you don’t lose out?

If your head is spinning, don’t worry. Stay calm and take our step-by-step advice. Test the resilience of your planned inspection and maintenance programme. Make contingency plans for the event that appliances, especially gas boilers, cannot be repaired or replaced. Ensure that you have access to all compliance data and that you are able to demonstrate compliance going forwards.

If you have concerns that your health and safety could be adversely impacted by Brexit, we are always on hand to offer helpful advice and practical support. We’ll help you provide the first-class health and safety service your residents deserve, whatever the political climate.

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